Our vision is to see a world where people are consciously connected. Imagine a world where people are fully conscious to create positive change – having aligned their conscious, subconscious, and unconscious parts of self. Everyone would be living their lives from a place of Peace. With a sense of Purpose. And manifesting the Prosperity of the life they choose. Wouldn’t that be beautiful to see?

100 Case Study Research Project

Our “100 Case Study Research Project” has been released and the results of our signature program ‘The Pillar Code’ speaks to the effectiveness and positive outcomes our clients have experienced following the completion of the program. At a glance, the overall result of 71% of Life stresses; 75% of Mind health issues and 59% of Body disorders reported as improving by either 50%, 75% or fully cleared 100% improvement in the 100 case studies.

At The Pillar Code we help you to create positive change by connecting individuals, leaders and businesses into greater Peace, Purpose and Prosperity, through personalised programs, training and resources.


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Our unique membership group brings people together who are passionate about Goal setting, taking Action, Manifesting and putting Energy into achieving a magnificent life – or we say being a GAME Changer!.

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Only $38 per month, cancel anytime or pay for the year and receive two months free – only $381.

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PJ spent over 25 years working in and around Defence, including being an executive in the corporate world dealing with large multi-million dollar Government of Defence contracts. 

It was during her busy corporate days that PJ saw the effects of sustained stress, which dramatically affected the health of the workplace, as well as the mental and physical health of individuals. Determined to create positive change, PJ realigned herself with what truly sparked joy in her life and her original passion – the art of healing.

Grab a copy of PJ’s book - ‘It’s About Time by GEORGE’

We are currently at a turning point in humanity. The world is waking up and changing as truths are revealed in all sectors of life – government, business and communities. 

The trademarked term ‘GEORGE’ stands for Globally Enlightened; Origin Restoring; Governing Energy which is Teaching, Healing and Communicating through Love, or the collective consciousness, the oneness of Source.

Also available as an Audiobook and eBook.

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Learn how to grow your personal or business life – or establish your own practitioner business – by learning the foundational concepts of The Pillar Code in our introductory 3-hour workshop.

For only $xxxx, you’ll get an overall understanding of the Pillars of Life, Mind, and Body.

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Elevate your life and soar to new heights with The Pillar Code’s transformative offerings, featuring our flagship 12 Step Signature program “The Pillar Code” or delve into the enlightening journey of our taster program – “The Connection Code” 3 Step Program. These personalised, 1:1 transformative healing programs, guided by a licenced Pillar Practitioner, liberate you from the shackles of trauma and the fog that hinders your potential. Unleash the full power of your potential, cultivate resilience and awaken a life that excites you.”

When intellect meets intuition and you receive personalised messages and guidance you get extraordinary outcomes. Access PJ’s distinct skills and gifts to transform both your personal and professional life. Let’s elevate your journey together.

The Creators Club: Join our vibrant membership group designed for passionate individuals committed to Goal setting, taking Action, Manifesting, and infusing Energy into creating a magnificent life. Become a GAME Changer! Experience the first 30 days for FREE using promocode “TCClubPJ” and step into a community that fuels your aspirations.

Embark on a journey of healing, personal development, and professional progression within The Pillar Code Universe’ity. Our thoughtfully curated programs and courses are designed to not only facilitate growth but also inject fun into your learning experience. Discover your full potential and unlock new dimensions of possibility with The Pillar Code Universe’ity.