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Whatever the situation, clients constantly say to me – Now I know the issues and the origins of them, what can I do about it?

It can be a complex issue to answer, however, what I say in it’s simplest form is – “Acceptance, Awareness & Gratitude.”


1. Acceptance – Once you have had enough of a situation, and I mean you have really had enough, not just, ok I’ll settle or that’s just my life, but – I absolutely will no longer Accept this in my life, then ironically it is all about Acceptance.

Acceptance doesn’t mean accepting bad behavior or how you are being treated, lack and addiction or illness etc, but Accepting that the situation is there, happened or is happening. Once you can truly Accept this, then you can start the process of Moving On and Creating Positive Change!

2. Awareness – Once you have truly Accepted a situation then you are in a stronger position to search for, look for or reveal the deeper truth about the situation. The truth or Awareness will show you what or who has created the situation (including looking at yourself) and clearly see the situation for what it is. Only with Acceptance and then Awareness can you then Move ON!

3. Gratitude – Gratitude can be a bitter pill to swallow if you haven’t been truthful in the first two steps. Gratitude comes in three components. Gratitude for the Past, the Present and the Potential (or future). Once you can truly sit with Acceptance and Awareness of any situation and see the silver lining or the gifts that have ultimately come from it then you can sit with Gratitude for the situation.

Being able to be Grateful for the Past allows you to see how you have benefited NOW, and when you truly Accept your input to your Past, are Grateful that you have experienced it for the benefits that it has given you, you are naturally sitting in your Gratitude for your Now. That then gives you the ability to have Gratitude for your tomorrow / potential / your future – and that means your are now in your creating energy and now manifesting or Creating Positive Change! And that my friends is what are we all about? Creating a Positive Change for yourself, your family, your community and for your world 🙂

Enjoy the Journey.

If this hits a cord with you, please let me know. It’s time to move the world into Acceptance, Awareness & Gratitude. What a world that would be. PJ ❤️

Please share if it resonates with you.

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