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Hello Manifesters!

Details for the ‘Get on Board with Manifesting’ cruise are available and we are now taking bookings!

The cruise is designed to be an extension of The Pillar Practice journey, allowing clients (and non-clients), to expand through their ability to manifest to their highest and purest form. This is specifically looking forward to 2017, allowing clients to clear from 2016 and fully connect mind, body and soul into the New Year. This will be a great opportunity to reflect with gratitude on the year that has been and using that energy, project to the ultimate highest and best for 2017.

We will be workshopping and giving you skills and tools in order to assist you with the process, in addition to having GEORGE sessions where you can connect to universal information.

You will also be able to connect to like-minded people who also choose to continue and grow – All whilst travelling up the coastline of Australia to the beautiful Moreton Island where you will be able to enjoy the many activities like snorkelling and kayaking or relax by the beach and really connect to the beauty of the scenery.



·         Dates: 14-18 Dec (Wednesday afternoon – Sunday morning)

·         Ship: P&O Pacific Eden

·         Location: Sydney – Moreton Island – Sydney

·         No passport required



Cruise – based on a per person fee:

·         Interior State Room:                       $569pp (twin / double share)

·         Oceanview State Room:                $619pp (twin /double share)

·         Oceanview State Room:                $514pp (quad share)

·         Balcony State Room:                     $929pp: (twin /double share)

·         Suite:                                              $1039pp (twin /double share)


·         4 nights Accommodation

·         All meals

·         Entertainment


(Pricing for Single supplement or additional people in rooms i.e. triples and families on request.)


·         The Pillar Practice Existing Clients:           $500pp plus GST

·         Non-clients:                                              $600pp plus GST

The workshop will consist of 8 hours of content ranging from channels, manifestation workshops and treatment on your 2017 manifestations. You will be given a manifestations workbook to work through and take with you so you can implement your key learning. We will also have a “Lets set sail” drinks, 2 group dinners, one on the first night and one on the last night (drinks not included) and lots of time to relax and have fun.  You can join in as much or as little as you like.


The next stage in the process is to put down a deposit for the cruise so that we can secure the cabins. There are two payments – the price for the cabin on a per person rate and the workshop price.

Note: family and friends who would like to attend the cruise but not the workshop are welcome and are to be booked with the group bookings.

Booking Process

It is important that you follow these steps exactly as we need to ensure that we book as a group:

1.       Let us know that you are making a booking

2.       Book at Cruise About Manuka (no other Cruise About agency). Please do not go directly to the P&O website to book, nor book independently of this group booking.

3.       Make sure that you book before the dates requested to confirm your place.

4.       When talking to Cruise About Manuka make sure that you mention that you are a part of The Pillar Practice and quote TPP2016 so they book you as a part of our group.

By 3rd August 2016: $350

  1. Pay $100.00 Deposit for the Workshop at The Pillar Practice:

Call: 02 6162 4268

       2. Pay $250.00 Deposit for the Cruise at Cruise About Manuka (ask for Rebecca)

Call: 02 6112 5300 (quoting the code TPP2016)

 By 22nd September 2016: (final payment)

  1. Final payment for the Workshop made to The Pillar Practice

Call: 02 6162 4268

       2. Final Payment of Cruise required at Cruise About Manuka

Call: 02 6112 5300 (quoting the code TPP2016)


An information booklet will be sent out to you closer to the date that will give you all the details about the cruise, the workshops and what you are required to do to help you prepare.

We look forward to hearing back from you and if you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact Locky or speak with one of our Practitioner Assistants.

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