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Manifesting is a BIG deal.

In The Pillar Code, we release blocks all the time – how cool is that? – which creates an empty space.

As Aristotle said, “Nature abhors a vacuum” so, we need to choose what we wish to fill that emptiness with and that’s where manifestations come in. If we don’t focus on what we desire, our minds may go into default and replace the space with what we’ve always had, and that means we will get what we’ve always got, right? 

Some clients loooooove manifesting, and some glaze their eyes over slightly or look somewhat skeptical. This is a super quick exercise I discovered early in my career which can wake us up to the real power of the process. 

As you read these words, imagine you have a wooden chopping board in front of you with a knife and a big, fat juicy lemon.  

You can tell this one is particularly juicy. It has a strong citrus smell which fills your nostrils. Take a moment to breathe fully into this smell. 

Now, looking down at the lemon, I urge you to pick up the knife and slice the lemon in half. As you do this, you will get a fresh burst of the strong citrus scent. You will also see the lemon juice running off the flesh of the lemon and onto the cutting board. Take a moment to see how all the sacks of lemon juice are tentatively sitting there and wait to drip down and burst open.  

Imagine the knife in your hand, cut a good size lemon wedge and keep paying attention to the smell and those abundant sacks of juice.  

Now take the wedge and bring it towards your mouth and… bite down on that lemon wedge feeling the juice flood around your mouth. 

Awesome work! Can you feel the tingles in your jaw, and did they start when you first cut into the lemon. Are you aware that you have far more saliva in your mouth than when you first opened this article. Let me ask you though, where’s the lemon? There isn’t one. So why did our physical body react as if there were?

The mind is not able to distinguish between imagination and reality. It just follows our instructions. If we urge our mind, body and life to be a product of what we choose and which serves our highest good, we need to give it clear instructions. 

What clear instructions are you creating in your imagination which may come into reality through the power of manifestation? 

This blog is created by our very own Licenced Pillar Practitioner Jules Tarrant.

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