What’s more, this is true whether or not you’re successful at reaching these goals.⁠⁠

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This is a brand new year! It's time to dump her and move on

The beginning of this year is the perfect time to set goals for you. If you choose to succeed, it’s important to set goals. Without goals you lack focus and direction as goal setting not only allows you to take control of your life’s direction; it also provides you a benchmark for determining whether you are actually succeeding.

It is true that every January, people get motivated to improve one (or several) aspects of their life, whether it’s their habits, home, health, career, or relationships. While a new year is often synonymous with goal-setting, setting goals for your future is also beneficial to your mental health and well-being anytime of year. In fact, the act of setting goals—whether personal, professional, or both—improves productivity, satisfaction, and perspective. What’s more, this is true whether or not you’re successful at reaching these goals.⁠⁠


One simple rule of setting goals is to be on PAR:

1. Plan it;

2. Action it;

3. Reward it

Setting a goal that inspires you is the key to achieving it! When you imagine reaching your resolution and think about the work required to make it a reality, it makes you excited and encouraged, rather than doubtful and fearful.

Aside from this, speaking your goal out loud can also help you gain more clarity about it and how to achieve it as conversations with others may help you sharpen your goal! Sharing your goal with a friend or family member makes the goal more real and no longer just a note in a journal.

By sharing your goal, others can hold you accountable by asking you about the progress you’ve made towards reaching your goal.

If you want to be able to positively respond to those questions, you’ll quickly be motivated to take action and stay on track.

How about put 10 minutes aside now and plan your year?

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