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I didn’t have time 

I don’t have time 

I ran out of time 

I’ve been so busy 

Time just got away from me 

If only I had more time 

When we ask people how they are as the standard greeting, the majority of people say, ‘Good thanks.’ Have you noticed that a lot of people are now answering that greeting question with, ‘Busy’? Sometimes that’s followed by a list of why they are so busy, and other times it is said with a physical gesture to convey how overwhelmed they are feeling. 

 Our external environment is ramping up in terms of stimulation, obligation and resulting frustration [rhyming unintended but quite cool actually]. We are doing The Pillar Code because we are choosing to do life a different way. I would like to increase your self-awareness about being ‘busy’ and how it is impacting you. 

Pillar One part two is about laying the foundation for your life and we introduce you to the manifestation tool. Part of the process is for us to consciously consider what is most important to us moving forward. Where will our focus lie? What results do we like to proactively generate as a choice rather than reactively have to deal with because we don’t have a clear sense of direction? 

Once you know what is most important, you will have defined your highest values. Essentially, you will have directed where your time will be spent as a priority. Here’s where my tip comes in – watch your language. 

When we take back control of our future with self-awareness in the present, we create a responsibility to move toward where we choose to go. If we have a responsibility, we can hold ourselves accountable. The unvarnished truth is that while people love us, whether we fulfil our true potential is far less important to them than it is to us. Life doesn’t care if we step up, it will embrace us whether we are damaging ourselves, accepting less of ourselves, or choosing to thrive. It’s just a fact. And that is why we have to be accountable to ourselves.  

When you hear yourself saying to someone for example, “I didn’t have time”, replace it with, “I didn’t make that a priority”. I can tell you from my own experience doing this, that it puts your accountability in your face. No excuses or justifications (because we can all come up with a string of those can’t we?), just straight-out accountability. See what I mean about watching your language? A little side benefit is that people sometimes do a double-take when they hear you say it. 

Taking accountability is uncommon and we can inspire others simply by being the best example of ourselves. Unsolicited advice is often unwelcome, but when someone does a double take because you are taking responsibility for your actions, that is an entirely different thing. You can tell them but it’s far more powerful to show them. 

This blog is created by our very own Licenced Pillar Practitioner Jules Tarrant.

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