Congratulations on your decision to embark

on the transformative journey of becoming a
Pillar Practitioner


● Full Payment and Save:   $12,000 – ($9,000 + Licencing $3,000)   

● Payment Plans: $3,000 + 5 x $2,000 or Deposit and Get your Case Studies fees to pay off your training.  

● For Direct Deposit with no credit card fees: The Pillar Practice BSB: 112-879 Acc: 4255 93075  

● For Credit Cards click on the buttons below:

Australian Students Plus GST

$375 AUD

International Students No GST

$375 AUD

"What I love most about being a practitioner is just seeing the huge smile on my clients face every appointment and just seeing the amazing changes that are going on in their lives I just love seeing people happy and just feeling amazing I've just loved watching my clients have huge shifts in all aspects of their life and just being able to feel free be happy and just move forward with things going on in their lives."

The Pillar Practitioner Training provides you a "Business in a Box" and a world of opportunities

  • A step by step framework that delivers exceptional transformation to your clients lives

  • The opportunity to work flexible hours from anywhere

  • A turnkey model that can stand alone or bolt on to an existing business

  • A positive uplifting business community of like-minded supportive peers

  • The opportunity to have a greater impact and create positive change around the world

Elevate your life and soar to new heights with The Pillar Code’s transformative offerings, featuring our flagship 12 Step Signature program “The Pillar Code” or delve into the enlightening journey of our taster program – “The Connection Code” 3 Step Program. These personalised, 1:1 transformative healing programs, guided by a licenced Pillar Practitioner, liberate you from the shackles of trauma and the fog that hinders your potential. Unleash the full power of your potential, cultivate resilience and awaken a life that excites you.”

When intellect meets intuition and you receive personalised messages and guidance you get extraordinary outcomes. Access PJ’s distinct skills and gifts to transform both your personal and professional life. Let’s elevate your journey together.

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Embark on a journey of healing, personal development, and professional progression within The Pillar Code Universe’ity. Our thoughtfully curated programs and courses are designed to not only facilitate growth but also inject fun into your learning experience. Discover your full potential and unlock new dimensions of possibility with The Pillar Code Universe’ity.