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Become a Certified  Practitioner with us and learn how to guide others in The Pillar Code and The Corporate Code.


Our Training Programs

As a training organisation, The Pillar Code delivers personal and professional performance programs.

Our signature programs, The Pillar Code and The Corporate Code, are healing systems gifted to the world from GEORGE (Globally Enlightened; Origin Restoring; Governing Energy™) and delivered through the universal channel, PJ Ashley. This healing system enables the lifting of consciousness, health, and happiness.

These programs provide a simple and structured framework that looks at the holistic journey of a person or business (or even children or animals) past, present, and future using a series of universal stepping stones called ‘Pillars’.

The technique allows all who choose to lift into their greatest consciousness, which is the key to connecting with a successful life.


The Pillar Practitioner Foundation Certification provides:

  • A step by step framework that delivers exceptional transformation to your clients’ lives

  • The opportunity to work flexible hours from anywhere

  • A turn key model that can stand alone or latch onto an existing business

  • A positive uplifting business community of like-minded supportive peers

  • The opportunity to have a greater impact and create positive change around the world

The training delivers you a total business model and all of the tools required including:

The Pillar Code is a recognised modality and training organisation with The International Institute of Complimentary Therapists (IICT). Once qualified, Pillar Practitioners can become members of IICT and access insurance as a Pillar Practitioner.

By consciously connecting lives (minds, bodies, and souls) or leaders (minds, businesses, and success), a licenced and attuned Pillar Practitioner take clients on a journey of healing to “Create Positive Change”.

By guiding others along their journey, practitioners can elevate their own life and business by re-aligning with their own truths and successes. As The Pillar Code and The Corporate Code provide a structured framework of care, being a licenced Pillar Practitioner can add to or enhance your skills, qualifications, and business results.

  • An extraordinary unique Modality to add to your Tool Kit

  • 16 weeks of initial part-time training in TPC, fully supported by the Training Team

  • Exciting modality framework and structure

  • All the templates and documents required to deliver TPC

  • Recommended fee structure

  • Over 50 scripts and dialogues
    • Referral system with ‘gratitude’ fee structure

    • Access to membership for TPC through IICT (International Institute of Complimentary Therapists)

    • Access to insurance for The Pillar Code through IICT

    • Marketing materials including: flyers, videos, testimonials, templates, social media and swipe file

    • Healing attunements

    • 24-hour access to online learning via our Universe’ity Platform 

    • A positive, supportive and dynamic community to help you grow your business

    • Licence to practice

    • Ongoing support and flexibility to do as much or as little as suits your life and business
  • A cognate qualification or skill set
  • A passion for assisting people to achieve their highest and best self in life or business
  • Willingness to help others and create positive change

The training takes place part-time online over 16 (Pillar Practitioner) or 26 (Corporate Code Practitioner) weeks, including 9 intensive days of training. 

This commences with 6 consecutive full days of training, followed by 1-1.5 hours of weekly training. Concluding with a further 3 full days of training (or 4 half days).

At the commencement of training, all trainees become “Learner” Practitioners. At the conclusion, you’ll become a “Provisional” Practitioner. You then have 3 months to conclude and submit 5 case studies. After that, you’ll become a “Licensed” Pillar Practitioner.

The Pillar Practitioners in training are provided with everything required to deliver The Pillar Code and/or The Corporate Code to clients, including fortnightly webinars, personal and business support, templates, and comprehensive information required to deliver the program.

Pillar Practitioner Training numbers are strictly limited and are by applications process only.

An Attunement sits at the core of the healing for the client and is also the key differentiator of healing capability for a practitioner. 

For example, a practitioner having The Pillar Code or The Corporate Code technique information only, will not be able to fully deliver treatments. Each practitioner requires the attunements to be able to fully deliver the appropriate energy, as evidenced in client treatments.

An attunement is a process where the practitioner and client is cleared, directed, and guided to connect with the pure path of universal energy. The cleared path allows for the flow of universal direction, for the life force healing energies, and guidance. Attunements are an energetic adjustment to the practitioners’ and clients’ mind, body, and soul in regard to the subject or intent of the Attunement.

The attunements increase your ability as a healer, constantly upgrading and evolving you as a Pillar Practitioner.

You’ll learn more about this process during your training.

A Pillar Code Licence will be obtained at the successful conclusion of the foundation training. You’ll then be required to maintain it annually. Only a Licenced Pillar Practitioner may deliver The Pillar Code or The Corporate Code. 

The Licence will enable practitioners to:

  • deliver The Pillar Code and/or The Corporate Code Program 1:1 in person (including videoconferencing)
  • receive referred clients (if the practitioners choose)
  • have access to Teachable, an online learning portal
  • have access to ongoing support
  • be named and linked to The Pillar Code website
  • be linked to The Pillar Code social media (if the practitioners choose)
  • have access to attend advanced training
  • be a member of VIPPs Community (Very Important Pillar Practitioners)
  • maintain and upkeep all attunements required

Note: Licencing does not include creating videos for the purpose of automating programs, teaching anyone The Pillar Code.

The Pillar Code helped me find the clarity when it was time for me to move on and change and that's when I became a Pillar Practitioner. I've absolutely loved my journey. I've been able to watch beautiful people move from stress and being stuck and confused to really grow and blossom into beautiful people."

- Felicity Bruce

   CEO, Kidscalm

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The Pillar Practitioner Training is a Certificate II and provides:

  • A step by step framework that delivers exceptional transformation to your clients lives

  • The opportunity to work flexible hours from anywhere

  • A turnkey model that can stand alone or bolt on to an existing business

  • A positive uplifting business community of like-minded supportive peers

  • The opportunity to have a greater impact and create positive change around the world
overall improvement
overall improvement

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