Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate your love for yourself and be the best version of yourself.

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It is a day that is all about celebrating those you love and appreciate. You give them presents and thoughtful surprises to show them how special they are in your life. It’s lovely that you take time to show your appreciation for your partners, friends, and family on this special day… but that’s only half the picture. There’s one relationship that has seen you through everything, that’s been there through thick and thin, that will be there right up to the end. Yourself.

Real Love Starts with you

This Valentine’s Day, it’s about time you put yourself first and that you sit in the frequency of love.

The Pillar of Love in everyone’s life is the second Pillar (Pillar 2). It follows the Pillar of Peace (Pillar 1) and precedes the Pillar of Connection (Pillar 3), for only when you can sit in your Peace can you feel the energy of love and then allow everything to connect to you in your life. This then opens opportunities for you and helps you make a positive difference not only in your personal life & professional life, but in the people’s lives around you as well. Be in a good place characterised by balance, compassion, and inner peace! Make time to:

Embrace your gift

1. Embrace Your Gifts

– Believe and trust in yourself. You are an amazing person, you just need to unleash your potential. Shine your light on the world. You are endowed with distinctive talents, skills, and interests that mark your magnificence and set you apart.

Real Love Starts with you

2. Define Who You Are

– When you know who you are, you lay a foundation on which to build. As you define your qualities and abilities, you connect the dots and the picture of who you truly are emerges. Once this image develops, you become genuine, authentic, and comfortable in your own skin.

Real Love Starts with you

3. Love Yourself.

– Send love down through your central core in a steady flow. With a flush of warmth and expansion, you ignite the heart and wash away doubt, insecurity, and self-limiting thoughts, and infuse CALM and CONFIDENCE.

The combination of self-love and operating out of authenticity makes you invincible. You are perfect, whole, and complete


Happy Valentine’s Day from PJ and the entire Pilar Code Family.

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