Make time to review your past, repair your present, and reset your future to start the year off in control of your life’s compass.

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Review, Repair & Reset: How you can make 2021 better

Have you been looking after yourself? Make time to review your past, repair your present, and reset your future to start the year off in control of your life’s compass.

2021 holds new challenges for you, it’s the nature of life. It’s like those you’ve faced before, and what matters most is how well you’ve responded to them and how you’ve applied their lessons to grow and thrive in your career, relationships, leadership, and life.



Review and reflect on the most valuable lessons you’ve gained from 2020. What did you learn about:

  • Yourself and your ability to adapt?

  • How would you describe yourself now versus the person you were a year ago?

  • The values that helped you go through the hard days.

  • Other people – about human connection, community, compassion and collaborating virtually?


As the world continues to change, many people have found themselves feeling physically tired, mentally fatigued, emotionally spent and spiritually holding on. Yet, resilience is the reason why so many are still holding on — this is the main reason why small daily rituals and habits make such a huge impact on how you respond to stress and coping with life in general. So, take a moment to identify one small thing you can do for yourself every day over the next 5-7 days that will help you do everything else better.  

What can you do on each of these four core dimensions of well-being?

  • Physically – Nurture and strengthen your body.

  • Emotionally – Cultivate more positive emotions – gratitude, compassion (for self and others), connection. E.g., Happy hour with friends – in person or virtual.

  • Mentally – Be more mindful and refocus on the important things.

  • Spiritually – Reconnect to a deeper sense of purpose and meaning.


Creating a vision for your future acts as a ‘life compass’ to guide you in where to best direct your time and effort.

Given how much you’ve strengthened yourself over the last 12 months, then what would you love to create or positively change or contribute for the next twelve months?

How can you honor the hardships of 2020 by diving more deeply into life and daring to live it more purposefully and more passionately? (is this a dot point?)

  • What goals would you love to achieve? What knowledge or skills would you love to gain? (is this two dot points?)

  • How will you draw on your courage, strengths, and hard-won wisdom to lead the charge on change?

So, before you step fully into 2021, give yourself dedicated time to Review, Repair, and Reset your highest vision. One that is dictated by what inspires you most deeply and one that creates positive change.

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