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Do you resist doing your sealings?

One of the most life-changing tools we are gifted in The Pillar Code is the sealings. The power of calming the mind, clearing the body, connecting the soul, and releasing and allowing is astounding. When your practitioner takes you through each sealing as they come up in your program, you know how great it feels to do them right? In my experience, clients come out of their sealings as if they have just had to revitalise sleep and feel calm and centred. So why do we resist doing our sealings when we know our healing can be significantly boosted?

Firstly, I think the idea of taking time for ourselves in a positive way feels like a huge shift. We take time out by watching Netflix but ‘ yet claim we lack the time’ for a five-minute mind sealing. Netflix is passive and easy whereas sealings are active and take energy, right? It’s so weird when it’s put like that because it really doesn’t make sense. We are investing in ourselves through The Pillar Code to heal and thrive, yet we make time for Netflix but not for the very tool that can absolutely help us create this life??

Hmmmmmm. Let’s look at what might be under this kind of thinking.

I bet I can guess correctly that when you first practised a sealing outside of your Pillar Code session, your mind was super busy and you felt that you couldn’t focus. When it ended you either decided you couldn’t do it, you did it wrong, or that it’s just not for you. Let me share something with you – we ALL start off like that. The job of the conscious mind is to think, that’s what it always does and that is what it always does.

Meditation in general is almost unanimously considered a practice to still the mind. I invite you to focus on the operative word of ‘practice’ in that sentence. The skill that had develop over time with your sealings is to be able to s-l-o-w the mind but the key is to be gentle. In the recording tracks, PJ reminds us to acknowledge the thought or distraction, look into it and let it dissolve. Therefore the practice is to be able to catch a thought or distraction and choose to let it go. If you only catch one thought during the sealing and it is at the very end of the recording… celebrate yourself!

Even though you didn’t realise you were off in another world since you started the sealing, you became conscious of a distraction, acknowledged it and let it go. Hooray for you! This is the very idea of a sealing practice.

If you do it once each time, you may soon catch it twice during sealing, and on you go as you create a calmer mind. At the same time, you are calming your body because you are reconnecting to what you desire in your life and feeling increasingly empowered to achieve it. And, lastly, you are allowing for new opportunities, support, abundance, and aligning with your purpose while releasing the mental, emotional and physical barriers that have outlived their purpose. How good is that?! And all in the span of time shorter than a Seinfeld episode.

I start each day by playing the recorded tracks while still in bed and setting myself up for a focused and wonderful experience of my day ahead. Some days I am off in la la land for most of the time and those are the days I celebrate myself just for making the time to do the sealing. As we support and uplift ourselves, we cultivate a legacy of self-dedication that connects us to the healing vibration of love. 

This blog is created by our very own Licenced Pillar Practitioner Jules Tarrant.

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