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Conflict is all around us.

It bombards us from the news, social media, reality tv shows, our work environment, sporting teams, friendship networks, and even in our own homes. Enough already! As we go through The Pillar Code we embark upon an empowering and successful journey of reconnecting into calm, taking back control and creating a life we choose with confidence. Unconscious and unnecessary conflict simply doesn’t align with the healing process.
This article isn’t about conflict resolution or anger management, this one is all about the fight within our own self. When I first got a diagnosis of cancer, it was pretty confronting. So many people are touched by cancer in their own lives or through the lives of people they love. It took me a while to adjust to the ramifications of the word itself ‘c-a-n-c-e-r’ let alone the tests, chemotherapy, side effects etc. 
Straight away I was thinking about having to fight cancer, battle with cancer, and to not let cancer win. When I regained clarity, I realised that the idea of fighting with my own body and putting the resulting aggressive energy into the healing process was the direct opposite of what I desired to manifest. Physical and mental/emotional illness is caused by negativity, toxicity and dis-ease in the body so I saw little benefit in feeling compelled to fight, as it were. I choose forgiveness, compassion, kindness, tenderness, and support from myself, to myself. 
I encourage you to have a think about where you are fighting with yourself. Quite often we don’t even have any awareness we are doing it. How many times a day do you think that even a fleeting thought of ‘I’m not good enough’, or ‘I should have done’ comes into your mind or even out of your mouth? We do it all the time. Leaving aside the whole issue of us taking on criticisms of others from our past and keeping them alive in our own minds, judging ourselves harshly is delaying our peace, purpose and prosperity. It causes us to feel ashamed of ourselves and guilty about what we have or haven’t done. 
Bring to mind the person or animal that you have an abundance of love for. If that beautiful soul made an error – big or small – would we be quick to judge or would we be quick to comfort and forgive? Would we be quick to condemn and punish, or would we choose encouragement and love? Of course we would choose the latter because we know that is how best to help someone learn and move forward. It’s common sense? Let’s consciously turn that perspective to ourselves. 
When we catch our inner critic taking over the driving wheel, choose to stop and get back in control of where you are headed. Remind yourself that the power of healing is the vibration of love which comes from INSIDE YOURSELF. If you catch yourself chastising your own thoughts, beliefs, actions or outcomes, take a breathe and forgive yourself. You were doing your best with the information you had at the time. Reflect on what could have been a better choice to give you the outcome you desired and take that learning. Gaining insight and self-awareness in this way leads to wisdom and wisdom is priceless for our journey forward. 
And just a note here: When we realise we are chastising ourselves for something we could be doing in this moment to move forward, let go of the judgement and just get on with it right now. Forgiveness is for the past, taking action is for the present, and a thriving future is your reward.
Yours in healing,

This blog is created by our very own Licenced Pillar Practitioner Jules Tarrant.

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