The Corporate Code

Mission: To Deliver Life Changing Programs & Practitioner Training Globally, Resulting In Peace, Purpose & Prosperity For All.


Programs to improve your business

The Corporate Code is our signature program for organisations and leaders who are ready to stop the negative effects of stress and make exciting leaps forward.

Delivered either by PJ Ashley or Corporate Code Practitioners, this program takes you and your business (or project) through a structured 12 Step Program. PJ will utilise her unique intuitive ability to deliver specific information and guidance to you, your team, and various aspects of your business.

As a result, you’ll see improvements in leadership capabilities and business growth.

Each step of The Corporate Code gives you the Clarity, Control and Confidence to take your business to the next level of success. The process supports you to create the ultimate positive change in your organisation, enabling success for all.


Who is The Corporate Code for?

Our business development program is ideal for business owners, CEOs, general managers, project leaders, team leaders, senior managers, and project managers.

All of the above can benefit from the 6 month program, especially if you are:

    • constantly stressed
    • finding it difficult to find joy in the work you once loved
    • wondering why your business revenue has plateaued – despite your best efforts
    • always working overtime – and still not seeing results

To maximise your experience, you need to be:

    • open to change
    • ready to take back control of your life and work
    • willing to have acceptance that your internal world is dictating your external world

I can honestly say it was 100% fun! I now know where I'm going. I couldn't believe that what I wanted actually happened. It was unbelievable. I can see that it's working. I have more control over my business and who I am. I feel more EMPOWERED!

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Have a conversation with a Pillar Practitioner to understand how The Corporate Code program can elevate you, as the business owner or leader, and provide more clarity to move towards a stronger, healthier business. 

We’ll discuss your current concerns, including: 

how to get clarity around where you need to take your business to ensure growth
ways to clear confusion, increase productivity, and fulfil your ultimate purpose
tips for delivering your mission via the right strategies and planning to achieve results for both your teams and clients, ultimately offering greater clarity, control, and confidence

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How does The Corporate Code work?

The Corporate Code is a 12-step program to support you and your team’s business growth. At each step you gain more clarity, control and confidence towards business success. All we ask for is your commitment for change and growth.

The program requires you, or an appropriate team members attendance, once a fortnight for up to two hours each for six months (or as your schedule permits). We guide and support you throughout your journey, with PJ Ashley, the founder of the program and CEO of The Pillar Code’s support in the background.



The world is going through a time of change and with that change can come fear, fear of the unknown, fear of what the future might hold. People are feeling that they are no longer in control of their business. At The Pillar Practice we focus on reconnecting clients businesses to their ultimate capacity, re-aligning the business by removing blocks that are holding them back.

As a professional organisation we deliver the following components:

1. Planning

2. Strategy

3. Your Teams

4. Your Offering & Marketing

5. Your Clients

6. Sales & Purpose

7. Finances & Forecasting

8. Reporting & Results

9. Progressions & Next Steps

Each step of The Corporate Code gives you the ‘Clarity, Control and Confidence’ to take your organisation, business, or project to the next level of success, reducing the effects of stress and lifting productivity, whilst building resilience. This winning unique formula guides you to create the ultimate positive change in your organisation, enabling success for all.

the corporate code wheel

What can I expect from the 6 month program?

The Corporate Code offers specific information and guidance for your:

    • personal leadership style

    • business strategy

    • vision, mission and values

    • personal and business scheduling
    • service offerings

    • ideal clients

    • business direction

    • networking

    • marketing

    • finances

    • reporting

    • leadership and business growth

It consists of a 12 step structured business development program, including:

    • 6 months of guidance and support

    • fortnightly 2-hour meetings via zoom (or face to face)

    • tools and techniques to support your business to reduce stress, increase joy, increase productivity and profit

    • 9 structured tasks

    • shifting of blocks on the deepest levels of your business
    • practical guidance and support

    • specific unique information

    • results-based program

    • accountability and follow-up

Join us on the journey and discover:


Learn how to align your past and present experiences - and form a bridge between your analytical mind and intuitiveness. Uncover how your skills, capabilities, passion, and joy combine to form your overall purpose.


Find ways to deliver on your mission, discover your peace, and regain control in your business.


Learn how to manifest and achieve your deepest desires. Stay true to your values and gain prosperity in your business.

Not ready to commit to the 6 month program?
Try The Business Code – Our Taster Program

The Business Code is our taster program, designed for you to get a feel of The Corporate Code, while experiencing some amazing changes in your business.

Conducted in the comfort of your own home/office via Zoom or phone, the program consists of 3×30 minute one-on-one appointments with one of our Pillar Practitioners.

During The Business Code, you will:

    • have a Pillar Practitioner personally test and treat what’s blocking your business journey and keeping you stressed, overwhelmed and stuck (SOS)
    • discover the key blocks that might be holding you back from attaining clarity, control, and confidence
    • reduce your stress and lift joy and organizational value

Only $375 to get started!


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