Heal your Truth:
Own your potential

The Entry Code Masterclass

Discover your journey to happiness. 

Stop feeling miserable, stop feeling poor, live the life you choose and deserve.

Being in STRESS impacts our Lives, Minds, Bodies and Businesses.

Are you ready to start to regain control of your Life, Mind and Body? Reveal the truth bombs to discover your potential. Only enroll if you can handle the TRUTH.

Join us at our Masterclass:

    • 17th of March “Focus on your Life” at 10 AM (AEDT)
    • 18th of March “Focus on your Business” at 10 AM (AEDT)

100 minutes to learn how to create positive change for your life and business.

March into ACTION on

Thursday, 17th March 2022 and
Friday, 18th March 2022



We are currently at a turning point in humanity. The world is waking up and changing and truths are being revealed in your Life, Mind and Body. Discover what this means to you.


Learn from the Founder of The PIllar Code and connect with like minded people. Expand your community and connect with yourself.

Discover your true potential right NOW!


March into ACTION and learn how to elevate your life and business to new heights. Receive three personalised tips on how to get things moving forward!

Be ready to take part in a journey of healing and transformation.

De-code your life and re-code your future with amazing accuracy.

Focus on your Goals, Actions and Growth.

Be gifted with information and tools and take control of your life and business.

Belinda Garratt
Our Presenter

Belinda is passionate about uplifting relationships of all kinds, ensuring people are connected and have the confidence to BE the best version of themselves and live the life they are choosing. Believing LOVE is ALL, Belinda is excited to be guiding people into their JOY, allowing them to be the best version of themselves.

Nicky Mann
Our Presenter

Nicky's passion is to empower people, to help them clear past limitations and take control of their own life experience in all areas, enabling them to create the joyous and rewarding life they seek. Nicky's goal – to move people from a life that was “OK”, “Fine”, “Alright” to one that feels like an exciting and rewarding adventure! Where you connect into what it truly Is that you are here for, and enjoy the Journey.


Director & Founder of The Pillar Code

PJ is passionate about waking up Lives, Minds & Businesses and connecting them to their greatest potential using a winning formula of Peace, Purpose and Prosperity. Throughout a successful corporate career, PJ saw firsthand how stress directly impacts the health of people and organisations and knew there was more to life and business where everyone deserves the chance to heal and experience the most out of their journey with happiness, health and wealth. 

Since The Pillar Code journey began in 2012, PJ, supported by an ever-growing team, has received, created, delivered, and taught a new and unique healing modality, The Pillar Code. The Pillar Code  is a transformational 12 Steps Journey of Healing for Life, Mind & Body and   The Corporate Code 12 Step Program for Leaders, Managers & Businesses transforms Stress into Success.

The Pillar Code and its related programs is an approved Modality and training provider in 39 countries through IICT. The Pillar Practitioner network has helped, supported, and lifted 1000’s of people into their Peace, Purpose and Prosperity of life and business.


After attending The Entry Code my whole BEing is excited at the prospect of clearing all blocks that are holding me back from living a life of Joy, Love, Purpose, Peace & Prosperity. PJ delivers The Entry Code with Heart filled Passion, Ease & Grace. I feel blessed that I have been guided to find & experience this amazing new Modality. Thank You PJ & GEORGE for sharing THE ENTRY CODE. I look forward to attending The Pillar Code & BEing a Pillar Practitioner.

~ Suzi M., NSW Australia

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Truth bombs to discover your potential

Only enroll if you can handle the TRUTH!


$57 AUD

with PJ Ashley

Thursday, 17th March 2022

10 AM (AEDT)


$57 AUD

with PJ Ashley

Friday, 18th March 2022

10 AM (AEDT)

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