The Life Code Workshop

Deepen your transformation with The Life Code - CERT 1

A comprehensive journey through The Pillar Code's 12 steps, tailored just for you.

3rd, 4th and 6th of June 2024

Step deeper into your transformation with The Life Code – CERT 1 a comprehensive, 10 hour workshop that goes beyond basics to offer a certification in The Pillar Code’s 12 Step Signature Program. This intensive session is designed for those committed to a deep, personal transformation.

About the Event

The Life Code – CERT 1 workshop is an extensive, immersive experience that guides you through specific applications of The Pillar Code’s 12 Step Signature Program. Over 10 hours, you will engage in profound exercises that delve into all layers of consciousness, where you will receive personal ‘coded’ messages tailored to facilitate healing and transformative growth. This certification equips you with an in-depth understanding and practical skills to apply the principles effectively in every aspect of their lives.

Stop stress destroying your life, your mind and your body. In this 10-hour workshop, we give you the tools, messages, and specific information about how stress is impacting you and your dreams. We teach you the foundations of a unique extra-ordinary modality – The Pillar Code so you can transform your life by ‘De-coding your life & Re-coding your future’.

You will receive simple and powerful tools to:

  • Make your peace
  • Find your purpose
  • Create your prosperity

By attending this workshop, you receive Cert 1 on The Pillar Code modality!

Enlightening, Fun and Rewarding

“I found attending the online workshop The Life Code to be enlightening, fun and rewarding. It highlighted areas of my life that need “looking at”, offered pathways to improve my life experience, and introduced me to a lovely group of like-minded and supportive people.

I feel better equipped with the new tools I have learnt to manage my day-to-day life with increased awareness enabling me to make better decisions in all areas of my life. As I finish the course I feel excited about lifting up and creating a more rewarding life for myself and others.”


The workshop is $397 (AUD) inclusive of GST. 
$297 (AUD) for current clients of The Pillar Code and annual members of The Creators Club (coupon code - PJ100)

All new participants also receive an Online Life Happens treatment and reports with a Pillar Practitioner [Value: $150 (AUD)]

Here are ten compelling reasons why participating in The Life Code workshop is essential:

If you are a returning student, please contact us at

Huge Light Bulb Moments

“I was introduced to the Pillar Code many years ago and did The Pillar Code 12 Step Program which cleared so much fog and many blockages. I was going through a very challenging times and truly believe the Program ‘saved’ me. Time, finances and lack of confidence have taken me until now to do The Life Code.

I had huge light bulb moments happening throughout The Life Code Workshop. I realised my lack of confidence and belief in myself, was holding me back. I crave to help others achieve their ultimate passion, joy, love and happiness, as I have. I truly believe our world has now changed for the better. I feel truly blessed to be a part of this changing world and rejoice in what is to come. Thank you PJ, GEORGE and The Pillar Code Team”

Unlock your potential and decode your
path to success with The Life Code

Life Code presented by

Patti-Jane (PJ) Ashley

CEO & Founder, Presenter, Trainer &
Amazon Best Selling Author

PJ Ashley, the CEO and Founder of The Pillar Code, brings a wealth of diverse expertise to her mission. With a remarkable background that spans 20 years of corporate excellence, 25 years of support for Defence personnel and their families, 15 years as a visionary entrepreneur and business developer, over 35 years immersed in the world of Holistic and Intuitive guidance, and 8 years of Board Directorship.

PJ’s journey has culminated in the creation of The Pillar Code, her life’s purpose manifested. With a renowned reputation as a Presenter, Trainer, Author, Holistic Practitioner, and Intuitive, PJ is on a mission to reshape our world.

Her overarching goal is: to eradicate stress, dispel anxiety, and extinguish hopelessness from the lives of individuals and organisations alike. PJ’s unwavering passion is to empower others to heal their lives, unearth their true worth, and unlock boundless potential.


The Pillar Code and its related programs is an IICT Approved Modality & Premium Training Provider in 39 countries.

39 countries

Elevate your life and soar to new heights with The Pillar Code’s transformative offerings, featuring our flagship 12 Step Signature program “The Pillar Code” or delve into the enlightening journey of our taster program – “The Connection Code” 3 Step Program. These personalised, 1:1 transformative healing programs, guided by a licenced Pillar Practitioner, liberate you from the shackles of trauma and the fog that hinders your potential. Unleash the full power of your potential, cultivate resilience and awaken a life that excites you.”

When intellect meets intuition and you receive personalised messages and guidance you get extraordinary outcomes. Access PJ’s distinct skills and gifts to transform both your personal and professional life. Let’s elevate your journey together.

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