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Mission: To connect all who choose to live a life full of Peace, Purpose and Prosperity.


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The world is going through a time of change.

And that change often brings fear – the fear of the unknown and fear of what the future might hold.

It leaves many people feeling like they are no longer in control of their lives.
We believe that everyone is on a journey. However, like many others, you might be feeling lost and confused about the path you are on, where it leads, and how you will deal with roadblocks when they arise. Right now, you might find yourself lacking the key tools to move positively and effectively forward in life.

With The Pillar Code program, we will focus on reconnecting you with your true self. Through our unique Coding system, messages, tools and energy, we heal every Pillar of your life. This supports you to re-align with your conscious states by removing blocks that exist deep in your consciousness.

We have empowered hundreds of clients to gain an overall sense of calmness, taking back control of their lives, and uncovering their inner confidence, giving them clarity on where they are going.

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Who is The Pillar Code for?

Everyone can benefit from the 12 week program, especially if you are:

  • tired of living without calmness, control or confidence
  • ready to lift your life to the next level and seeking the best tools to assist you
  • certain you have a greater sense of purpose but feel challenged in connecting with it
  • searching for happiness or the meaning of your life
  • keen to work with a fully qualified and licensed practitioner
  • You know it is time for a change in your life but are struggling to see the path forward add to ‘maximise experience…

To maximise your experience, you need to be:

  • open to change
  • ready to take back control of your life
  • willing to accept your internal world is dictating your external world
  • accepting of a process that gives you greater peace, purpose & prosperity
overall improvement
overall improvement

When you actually understand the messaging and coding system, you understand how you elevate and move up in consciousness through this system. It gives you a deeper understanding of your journey and of yourself.

How does The Pillar Code work?

The Pillar Code is a Life, Mind, and Body treatment system. The technique allows individuals to lift into their greatest consciousness, which is key to connecting with a life of Peace, Purpose and Prosperity™.

The Pillar Code draws upon what was, what is, and what will be.

In other words, when you have a clear understanding about what, why, and when a negative pattern was created, you can start to move into an awareness of being in the NOW. After clearly seeing what your past life has manifested for you, you’ll receive the required tools to manifest what you really choose for your ideal tomorrow.


The treatment encompasses three main areas:

  • Acceptance: you must first accept where you are in the present moment, the good, the bad and the ugly. Having full acceptance that this is your reality if you are going to change it.
  • Awareness: illustrates what actions or changes are required in your life. This could be simply an awareness, a change in lifestyle, perspective, energy, etc. Without awareness of the changes that are required, you will continue to hold onto the same patterns.
  • Gratitude: what has that block or experience taught you? This is about finding the silver lining and understand every perceived block is a gift. You must connect into gratitude to clear your blocks.

Each element of the technique gives you messages, treatments and tools to take you on “A Journey of Healing” from “Reliance to Resilience”, bringing you back in command of your choosing, whilst watching your life’s manifestations materialise.

What can I expect from the 12 week program?

12 hours of treatments over 12 weeks (2 x 30 min sessions per week)
Tools and techniques to empower you in your own life
Shifting of blocks on the deepest levels of your subconscious/unconscious

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Your Investment

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It is the real deal. It has facilitated the most significant and amazing changes in my life that I could have only hoped for. I knew that I had deep subconscious and unconscious patterns of fear that were manifesting all sorts of trauma in my life. I was aware that there were driving forces in my life that I could not consciously control and I had exhausted all avenues to get them resolved. Nothing worked until I enrolled in the Pillar Code.

Everything that was explained to me along the way during the process amazed me as to its accuracy and gave me confidence that I was on the right track. I am so excited about my life now and wake up in the morning full of gratitude, excitement and expectation of the great things that will come to me each day.

By Going On Our Journey Of Healing You Can:


Connect to deeper sense of inner peace. Your external world is a reflection of your internal state. Once siting more in peace, your external world aligns.


Your experience form your journey. Once you align your experience to your passion, skill and joy, you connect to your overall purpose.


Manifest the life you choose. Your thoughts, beliefs and actions dictate what comes back to you. Learn to control these and watch positive manifestations flow into your life.

Not ready to commit to the 12 week program?
Try The Connection Code – Our Taster Program

The Connection Code is our taster program, designed to provide you with a feel of The Pillar Code, while experiencing some amazing changes in your life.

Conducted in the comfort of your own home/office via Zoom or phone, the program consists of 3×30 minute one-on-one appointments with one of our Licenced Pillar Practitioners.

During The Connection Code, you will:

  • have a Licenced Pillar Practitioner personally test and treat what’s blocking your life’s journey and keeping you stressed, overwhelmed and stuck (SOS)
  • discover the key blocks that might be holding you back from attaining Peace, Purpose and Prosperity
  • be guided through a treatment to rediscover how to be Calm, in Control, and Confident

Only $375 to get started!


Elevate your life and soar to new heights with The Pillar Code’s transformative offerings, featuring our flagship 12 Step Signature program “The Pillar Code” or delve into the enlightening journey of our taster program – “The Connection Code” 3 Step Program. These personalised, 1:1 transformative healing programs, guided by a licenced Pillar Practitioner, liberate you from the shackles of trauma and the fog that hinders your potential. Unleash the full power of your potential, cultivate resilience and awaken a life that excites you.”

When intellect meets intuition and you receive personalised messages and guidance you get extraordinary outcomes. Access PJ’s distinct skills and gifts to transform both your personal and professional life. Let’s elevate your journey together.

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Embark on a journey of healing, personal development, and professional progression within The Pillar Code Universe’ity. Our thoughtfully curated programs and courses are designed to not only facilitate growth but also inject fun into your learning experience. Discover your full potential and unlock new dimensions of possibility with The Pillar Code Universe’ity.